If you want to hire the best talent for your team, then you know how crucial it is to have the perfect project post. You also know that the perfect project post isn’t simply created alone, but with guidance and feedback from your colleagues. Traditionally, the mediums for discussion of your team’s needs are either in-person or through email. However, in an ever-increasing cross-functional and geographically diverse workforce, asynchronous communication becomes more important and it can be tedious to sift through long email chains and cumbersome to invite new colleagues into an already existing discussion. Additionally, it is difficult for newly invited team members to quickly get context and understand the hiring needs. Many hiring mangers encounter roadblocks, such as an ever-evolving team/responsibilities or internal approvals (budget, thumbs-up from higher-ups, etc), that prevent them from defining their needs rapidly, accurately, and cost-effectively. And these inefficiencies trickle down throughout the hiring process.

To solve these challenges, we’re excited to introduce Project Sharing  – a powerful set of features focused on aligning your team’s needs so you can focus on bringing new therapies to market faster.


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More Collaboration, Less Searching

With Project Sharing, you can easily request feedback from anyone at any time. All you need is their email (if they are already on the Clora platform and in the same company, then you don’t even need to know their email!). Discussion is handled through a conversation-like interface so everyone can follow along without having to dig through email chains or chasing someone down at their desk. As the project owner, you will be notified through email anytime someone leaves a comment. Address the feedback right away by editing the project or leaving a comment of your own!


Easily invite current and new colleagues.

All the context and details are at your fingertips. Collaborate and iterate quickly.


Get Started With Project Sharing

Project Sharing is available to all employers on Clora and it’s free to use! Sign up as an employer to start collaborating today!