We’ve been hard at work to continuously improve how you post projects and connect with the right consultants to augment your team.

To give you immediate access, we’re featuring suggested top-tier consultants right on your project posts that align with what you’re looking for. We’ll walk through how you can indicate interest and what you can expect.


Suggested Consultants

Once your post is published live, our Marketplace will send you an email notification with a snapshot of your project’s suggested consultants.

While your projects may not always include featured consultants, rest assured that the Clora team will diligently surface high-fit candidates promptly for your team’s review.

From within your inbox, you can immediately view and indicate interest in specific profiles OR click View all suggested consultants to see more.

Featured Consultants Email


Requesting a Proposal

From your live project post, we’ll feature 3 consultants you might be interested in based on your needs.

Featured on Project Post

You can view each consultant profile and click Request Proposal for those that are of interest to you.

Clora will continue to evaluate and vet ALL potential candidates including these suggested consultants and promptly send over proposals from those that best fulfill your team’s needs.

Request Proposal

Additionally, you can browse more consultants by clicking View All Suggestions.

View More

You’ll be taken to Clora’s Top-tier Consultants page where you can find more consultants, add more filters to refine further, or browse for other related roles you and/or your colleagues need.




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