Senior Computational Biologist

PhD computational biologist specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence with 10+ years in building impactful applications.

Collaborate with Senti’s multi-disciplined team of scientists to develop high-performance, scalable computational methods to analyze biological data sets leveraging machine learning and other automation technologies to unlock the rapid design, build, and validation of various genetic circuits.

Relevant Skills

  • Github
  • Publications
  • Strong CNV analysis for genetic diseases resulting from discordant copy numbers
  • Built experiments with machine learning tools to predict pathogenicity of DNA variants
  • Built tools and algorithms to bridge the gap between genetic information and protein integrity
  • Extensive full-stack experience in several frameworks including Python/Biopython, Java, Node.js, and Django

Relevant Disease Areas

  • Oncology
  • Infectious Diseases


  • Small Molecule
  • Protein Therapies


  • Los Angeles
  • Open to remote and in-office

Recent Titles

  • Chief Science Officer
  • Lead Computational Biologist

$125 / hr